Kelly Lynn - Songwriter

Kelly Lynn has written over 90 originals including jingles, gospel, and many great love songs.  

In January 2008, Kelly's song, "Jesus Changed It All," was the WINNER in the gospel category of an international  songwriting contest.  In March 2005 her song, "Where Is The Man I Need?" was the WINNER in the Hip-Hop/R&B category.  

Her song, "Gotta Have It" (a burger jingle), was a national finalist in the Sizzlin' Sounds of Late Night Music Contest in 2001.    

Kelly Lynn's "No Greater Force" gospel CD features electrifying performances by the legendary Dorothy Norwood, Gary Perkins, Deanna Ransom, HanSoul and more.  It's a refreshing blend of traditional and contemporary gospel music.  It's available at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more.  Go to for more information.